You Need a Lawyer. Here’s Why.

Contrary to popular belief, the law in the State of Texas does not ensure that an injured party will receive just restitution. A lot of people do not realize this until after they have been injured in an accident. The Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code only gives an accident victim an opportunity to pursue compensation – that’s all. The victim, or plaintiff, bears the burden of proof in establishing that the negligence of the responsible party caused the injury. To accomplish this, the plaintiff needs to prove that, in all likelihood, that the plaintiff’s injuries were the proximate result of the actions of the defendant. This is a concept known as “preponderance of evidence” and the plaintiff does not need to prove anything “beyond a reasonable doubt,” as is required in cases of a criminal accident attorneys

NEVER Try and Pursue Litigation Yourself

It takes a lot more than just a cursory acquaintance with legal statutes to prove damages, establish liability, and do all the other things it takes to win a personal injury lawsuit. Knowledge alone won’t bring success, despite what most people may believe. It actually only comprises a fraction of the expertise needed for success. The vast majority of the time, cases are won as a result of effective strategy and intimate knowledge of court procedure in order to properly determine damages, prove that a defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s injury, and successfully swing a judge or jury in favor of the plaintiff.

If you think you can win a case on your own armed only with information culled from a Google search, go for it. You’ll not only be laughed out of court, but you’ll also leave that courtroom with nothing more than you entered it with. It could prove to be the worst mistake you ever make. When you lose, you won’t get a do-over. And all those medical expenses that have been piling up, and will continue to pile up if your injury is severe enough? You’ll be on the hook for all of them. Those lost wages and that loss of potential future earnings? You’ll never see them.

You’d be surprised how many people make the incredible mistake of trying to represent themselves in this kind of case. Then they turn to a lawyer after ruining their claim. An insurance company adjuster might have tricked them into thinking he or she was on the victim’s side, while all along the adjustor was gathering the evidence necessary to kill the claim. By the time the victim knows what’s happening the insurance company has either offered a woefully inadequate settlement or denied the claim flat out. Then and only then will that victim decide to hire a lawyer, but it’s too late. Clarence Darrow couldn’t save that victim’s lawsuit.

The one thing that insurance companies fear is a personal injury attorney with a track record of winning. The Texas Rangers wouldn’t fear taking on the Texas High School JV baseball team, right? It’s the same principle when considering how an insurance company feels about taking on a non-attorney or novice lawyer. If they see you sitting at the negotiating table alone, they’ll laugh and then proceed to play you like a fiddle. These insurance pros know how easy it is to confuse laymen and inexperienced attorneys. Think you can respond to a motion of summary judgment? Know how to answer an interrogatory? Known what to do in order to respond to a countersuit?personal injury attorneys s. Texas

No? Then please call an experienced attorney. You’ll have no shot at winning without one.

Your Case is Important to Us

The personal injury attorneys with our Law Office have been successfully litigating personal injury cases for two decades. We know how much you’re suffering due to your injury, and how critical your case is. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone else, please call us for a confidential and free consultation. We’ll tell you what kind of case you may have, and how we can help you get the fair restitution you have coming to you.