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Truck Accidents Laredo

Suppose you have recently been involved in a Laredo truck accident caused by the negligence of the other independent driver or company representative. In that case, you probably need some legal help to get fully compensated for your struggle. Cal 956-333-3333

Which are the components of a settlement?

In a personal injury case, when you come to a settlement, there are often multiple components as a part of this settlement. For instance, part of it may include the following general damages:

medical expenses of the claimant
recovery of lost wages
recovery of vehicle damage
disability, pain and suffering

In order for the victims of a trucking accident to receive compensation, they need to prove that harm has been done, which means that their injuries are directly linked to the truck accident, the collision itself or the exposure to the hazardous load of the truck. Injuries that come as a consequence of trucking accidents can be truly devastating and sometimes fatal. Some of the most common fractures resulting from road accidents are:

Broken bones or amputations
Brain injuries resulting from head or neck trauma
Lacerations of internal organs
Abdominal and spinal injuries
Burns resulting from auto explosions

We Make You Our Priority

When a person comes to a settlement, there are often claims about that money, meaning that all parties involved in the lawsuit or medical treatment will want their money back for what they paid on your behalf. This is why you need to make sure that your attorney wins your case quickly and you get well compensated for the accident so you can pay off all your bills.

Unfortunately, statistics show that almost every 10 minutes a US citizen dies or gets injured by a truck-related accident caused by a driver’s negligence. The laws have been altered in the last several years in an effort to reduce truck accidents. Those changes may reduce the number of truck-related accidents but cannot eliminate them entirely. The most common causes that may be responsible for truck accidents are:

Truck overturns
Exceeding of the speed limit
DUI, DWI, Collisions of vehicles
Overloading of trailers or trucks which does not match the weight limit
Driver fatigue
Inappropriate exportation of equipment with trailers

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident caused by any of those reasons you must search for legal help as soon as possible providing as much proof as you can. Never settle with the Insurance company of the negligence party before consulting with our experienced attorneys. Otherwise. you risk getting a lot less that you should as reimbursement for your pain.