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Though passenger cars and trucks represent the greatest number of vehicle accidents in Texas by far, mishaps involving motorcycles on the highways and streets regularly here in Aggieland.

The Texas, Texas accident attorneys at our Texas Law Offices have over 30 years of experience negotiating settlements and trying cases for people who have been injured in accidents involving motorcycles on our streets. We have the know-how to devise a strategy from the unique circumstances that surround your case and win fair compensation for damages from the accident that left you with a serious injury and produced a pile of bills, the possible need for long-term care to assure recovery, lost wages, pain, suffering, even wrongful death. To that end, we hope this information page will help you better appreciate the legal options available to you, and their value in helping you win your liability case or rightful insurance settlement.motorcycle accident lawyers

If you are like most motorcycle accident victims you are probably not sure if you need an attorney OR you have reached a point where you are tired of dealing with the insurance company and you are ready to move on to take the next step. Either way, our experienced team of Texas motorcycle accident injury lawyers here at our Texas Law Offices is here to help you understand how to make the most of your legal rights.

The Inherent Biases That a Texas Motorcycle Accident Victim Must Deal With on the Road to Fair Injury Compensation

The difference between motorcycle accidents and car accidents goes much deeper than the obvious ones. Aside from the great differences in the amount, and degree, of injuries a motorcyclist must deal with after an accident at 30 miles an hour, as opposed to passengers in a car or pickup at that same speed, motorcycle accidents are falsely believed to be the same as car accidents in legal terms when this is simply not the case.

Many in our industry believe, and reasonably so, that a motorcycle rider who is injured in an accident starts with a huge disadvantage because the insurance companies have a negative bias toward motorcyclists by default. This bias quickly becomes apparent the moment an injured biker files a claim.

This inflexible thinking can cloud motorcycle accident cases and make settling them with an insurance company, or litigating them in civil court much more complex than passenger car accidents. Because you can be certain that if they end up in a trial, the lawyers for that insurance company will make certain they hammer this very bias home to a receptive jury. Not long ago, a motorcycle rights group conducted a poll that showed that 85 percent of the general public automatically assumes that a motorcyclist was at fault the second they heard about an accident involving a biker and an automobile or truck.

A lot of such preconceptions are historical when you consider how the motorcyclist has an almost mythical hold on society dating back to when Marlon Brando rode across movie screens in the cult classic 50’s film The Wild One, and Peter Fonda’s seminal film Easy Rider a generation later. That view is reinforced every time you see some ninja rider weaving in-and-out of freeway traffic at 80 miles an hour, It’s small wonder that bikers are seen as wild, care-free members of a reckless subculture who have little regard for their own safety or anyone else’s.
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It makes no difference that many motorcycle riders are now are little more than weekend riders who have 30+ year careers and can afford this now expensive hobby. And the truth is that many now daily use smaller motorcycles and scooters as economical transportation. With the cost of gas these days, it’s a very practical solution for them. That doesn’t sound like Marlon Brando or Dennis Hopper now does it? When you stop and think about it for a moment, there’s an awful lot of real-life evidence to counter such preconceived thinking about just who today’s motorcyclist really is.

Did You Know?

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But that doesn’t stop insurance adjusters from using this prejudice against motorcyclists to automatically deny their claims. The facts of an accident just as often show the motorcyclist was a victim of somebody else’s driving negligence; usually, the driver of the car or truck wasn’t paying attention. We have to watch out extra hard for motorcyclists because they’re often hidden by larger vehicles and not always that easy to see. But the insurance adjuster is banking that he can trick the jury into overlooking the facts due to the image of a reckless biker in their minds, or suggest to an inexperienced motorcycle accident lawyer that this prejudice will prevent a successful civil case and it’s a good idea to settle for ten cents on the actual dollar.

And since the burden is on you, the injured motorcyclist to prove your charges, it’s also on you do disprove an insurance company’s claim that you, a “devil-may-care biker,” who is not by-definition reckless, and that you were in-fact, operating your bike safely at the time of the wreck that injured you. This is why you need a seasoned Texas motorcycle accident lawyer who knows how to refute these prejudices and use the facts to win your just damage compensation.

Combine this double standard with the fact that most adjusters assigned to motorcycle accidents cases are senior adjusters who are chosen for their aggressive track record and it becomes apparent you are facing quite a challenge in trying to get a fair deal if you attempt to do this without an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas.

Why are Insurance Adjusters so Aggressive When Dealing With Motorcycle Accident Claims?

We’ve spoken of the “cultural popularity” when it comes to blaming those who operate “non-traditional” vehicles such as motorcycles for any and all accidents they are involved in. That bias makes many feel that motorcyclists should automatically accept this “high risk” behavior as part of their lifestyle. And that preconception is warmly embraced by insurance companies as another excuse to not pay accident claims, which is the real business that insurance companies are in.

The simple reason for this is that they are trying to save money. Accidents that would be considered moderate by car standards often result in major injuries for motorcyclists as we have already said. This means that the average motorcycle injury claim will cost the insurance company more money than the average car accident injury claim. Insurance companies try to maximize profit by paying out as little money as possible. As such, they assign these aggressive adjusters to battle motorcycle accident victims in order to force you to accept as little as they can get away with. In many cases, they will use tricks such as recorded statements to use against you in court, or offering you a paltry payoff before the full extent of your injuries have been learned in order to reduce, or completely eliminate, the amount of rightful money that they have to pay you.

Our clients have learned the best way to deal with sneaky insurance adjusters is to not deal with them at all: simply let us handle them. None of our clients talk with insurance adjusters. We take care of that because when we do, adjusters cannot hang you with your innocent words.