Personal Injury Law – Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle collisions are often one of the most severe types of accidents. Since motorcycles do not provide the same structural and mechanical protections that are offered in larger vehicles, they often leave the driver exposed. While wearing a helmet can alleviate some types of injuries, it by no means can protect a motorcyclist from all injuries that may result from a collision. Frequently, motorcyclists suffer fractures, road rash, spinal cord injuries, and even death. The documentation of your injury and its sometimes permanent effects is the most important aspect of any type of accident. Make sure you take pictures of any road rash and other types of injuries that result from a motorcyclist being launched from their motorcycle.motorcycle accident lawyers
At our Law Firm, we have handled these types of injuries for years and understand how to document and protect a motorcyclist’s claim against the responsible party. Hiring a law firm that understands the types of injuries that may be associated with a motorcycle accident is essential. Your initial consultation will be handled by an attorney, not a paralegal. As a client, you will understand and walk away from your initial consultation knowing that you have a competent attorney handling your case and fighting to protect your rights.

Trucking/18 Wheeler Collisions

A motor vehicle accident with a truck or 18-wheeler can be one of the scariest things you may ever deal with. Semi-trucks are so much larger than cars or motorcycles that when they collide the damage can be horrific. Trucking companies are required by law to maintain higher liability limits than your average automobile, however, this also means they might fight harder than a normal automobile insurance carrier.

Semi-truck drivers are professional drivers and are required to go through extensive training and adhere to federal guidelines related to the number of hours for which they can drive and even how much weight their vehicle may carry. When a driver does not adhere to the laws written especially for them, they may not only be liable for the accidents they caused but they may also have criminal repercussions because of their failure to abide by the law. Semi-truck collisions often result in catastrophic injuries, and you need a law firm that understands how to pursue these drivers and companies for their negligent acts. With our firm, you will meet with a lawyer, not a paralegal, thus providing you quality representation against an 18-wheeler and their insurance company.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes away as a result of someone else’s negligence, you need to retain counsel as soon as possible to help protect and investigate all claims which may be made on behalf of their estate. We understand the most important thing is taking care of your family and trying to prepare to move on after such a devastating and unforeseen event has occurred. When you employ our Law Firm, we will be handling all calls from the negligent party and their lawyers, thus allowing you an opportunity to attend to the most important thing in life, your family. We will vigorously pursue the at-fault party to try and recover damages for the wrongful death of your loved one.

Wrongful death claims often present complex legal issues for which you need legal counsel who has experience in handling these matters. We not only understand how to handle these cases, but we also understand the compassion and time required when representing the family left behind. Please contact us immediately to schedule your free crash attorneys

Serious/Catastrophic Injuries

When you have been injured seriously or permanently as a result of someone else’s negligence, the law firm you contact may be the most important decision you make. At our Law Firm, our legal experience provides us with the resources and ability to understand how to document an injury which may have ramifications far past the statute of limitations. You need an attorney that will pursue all aspects of your claim and provide you zealous representation. We understand that the settlement may be your only means of recovery. Therefore, you need to maximize every possible avenue of recovery to seek the most appropriate result for you and your family.

Unfortunately, oftentimes in a serious accident, there is limited recovery based upon the available amount of monies for which you can recover. This is where our experience will help maximize any and all recoveries that you receive, thus putting your best foot forward as you move on from this serious accident. Please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment with an attorney so we may get started on the handling and documentation of your case.

Drunk Driving

You can be assured in an injury accident, the state will criminally prosecute a drunk driver. However, criminal prosecution alone will not help the victim of a drunk driving accident. You need a lawyer to prosecute your civil claim for the damages caused by a drunk driver.

Our Legal Team handles civil lawsuits against drunk drivers, bars, and others and has a proven track record in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.

One of the key factors in a serious drunk driving accident is to determine where and how the drinking driver got drunk because many times other potential defendants can be pursued in addition to the drunk driver.

It is important to hire a reputable drunk driver accident attorney as soon as possible after the car accident while evidence can still be preserved. The police often videotape the drinking driver and the lawyer for the drunk driver in the criminal case will seek to have the videotape destroyed after the case is resolved. Sometimes especially if the lawsuit will involve a club or bar such evidence is very important.

Additionally, when a bar or a club is a potential defendant it is critical to obtain eyewitness evidence at the establishment. That can only happen if you hire a personal injury lawyer quickly after the drunk driving accident.