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Construction defects can cause a variety of building issues. Determining the root of the defect will depend on which area or areas of the house have been affected. Defects in the foundation, floor, or wall can be the direct result of soil issues, water issues, or even workmanship issues.

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When a builder starts a new project, there are a lot of decisions to be made. But before any decision is made the first step is to survey the factors that will impact these decisions. One important factor to consider is soil. Does the builder know what kind of soil upon which the building will be built? What type of contractor will the builder use and what is the budget for them? The builder also has to decide what products and what building material will be used. Before groundbreaking, the builder has to make a lot of decisions that can either help prevent or may actually cause some building issues. Soil issues are a leading cause of construction defects. If the land is not properly prepared, the soil, whether expansive or collapsing, can cause damage to all areas of your home, i.e. the floor, the wall, the foundation, and even roof cracks.

If you are noticing problems with your foundation, you may be experiencing water-caused issues as well as or instead of soil issues. You need to get a professional assessment of the situation, discover what the root cause is and receive an estimate for the repair. Cracks you find on your foundation could be the result of the builder choosing the wrong contractor or choosing a substandard plumbing system. Either way, water issues can become even more severe when they begin to affect the foundation, floor or wall.

If you are seeing roof cracks, then your construction defect can be due to faulty design. At times an engineer or architect can create a unique roof design that aesthetically is very pleasing but is functionality inadequate. It is the responsibility of the builder and architect to work together to ensure that a good design will not sacrifice proper functionality.

Building issues like roof cracks or foundation issues can be a root cause of many different construction defects. Do not wait to get an advocate on your side to help you take the right steps to resolve these issues. Contact an attorney today. More on this website